Kaki cinnamon jam
  • Kaki cinnamon jam

Confiture de kaki à la cannelle

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Artisanal persimmon jam with cinnamon cooked in a copper cauldron with non-astringent fruits of the Fuyu variety


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The new varieties of persimmon finally allow us to make a jam that is not harsh.  It is therefore an autumn jam flavored with cinnamon that can accompany a cheese platter as well as a good toast of toast.  The flavor and texture are somewhat reminiscent of rosehip jam (ass scrub).

 For epicureans, you should know that astringent products like Persimmon have the ability to reset the taste buds to zero.  In other words, what perfume lovers do with coffee grounds, wine lovers, during tastings, do with persimmon, but favoring varieties with harsh flesh.

Ingredients: persimmon, sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon

persimmon jam

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