Raspberry jam with mint


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Artisanal raspberry jam with mint cooked in the old-fashioned way in a copper cauldron.


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 One of the jams that allowed me to win the 2020 world championship.

 The infused mint brings a note of freshness but the dosage is delicate enough to respect the taste of the raspberries.

 The Heritage variety gives this jam the true taste of fruit

 Raspberry 65%, sugar, 35%, lemon juice, mint.

 Pot of 220 gr.

 Average nutritional value:

 Average per 100 g: 200 to 250 Kcal (depending on the fruit): 30 g.  Proteins: 0.5 g.  Carbohydrates: 68 g.  Fat: 0.1 g.  Fiber: 1 g.  Potassium: 105 mg.  Magnesium: 6 mg.  Phosphorus: 14 mg.  Calcium: 12 mg.  Iron: 0.5 mg.  Carotenes': 50 ug.  Vitamin C: 5 mg.  Folate: 2 µg.

Confiture de framboise à la menthe

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