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Cherry jam


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The artisanal sour cherry jam cooked in a copper cauldron often accompanies sheep cheese in Basque custom.


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Morello cherry jam

 I usually say that it is one of the most difficult jams to make because this fruit is so poor in pectin.  It is for this reason that I put a little agar agar (natural gelling agent based on seaweed).  This avoids over-cooking and we therefore end up with an extra jam full of color, fruit, fresh cherry aromas, this famous sour cherry whose inimitable little stone taste has made it famous.

 In the south-west of France, tradition has it that it is served with sheep's cheese, but its strengths do not stop there!  The cherry goes wonderfully with the duck breast.  The small shortbread cookies with cherry jam remain for me, after the chore of collecting, a touching childhood memory ...

220 gr jar

 Ingredients (per 100gr): 60 gr of cherries, 40 gr of sugar, agar agar

French cherry jam

 Average nutritional value:

 Average per 100 g: 200 to 250 Kcal (depending on the fruit): 30 g.  Proteins: 0.5 g.  Carbohydrates: 68 g.  Fat: 0.1 g.  Fiber: 1 g.  Potassium: 105 mg.  Magnesium: 6 mg.  Phosphorus: 14 mg.  Calcium: 12 mg.  Iron: 0.5 mg.  Carotenes': 50 ug.  Vitamin C: 5 mg.  Folate: 2 µg.

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