Strawberry liquorice jam

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Delight in our artisanal strawberry and liquorice jam, subtly combining sweet and slightly spicy flavors for a unique taste experience.

Jar of 220 g.


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Strawberry Licorice Jam - Sweet delight with a unique flavor

Our licorice strawberry jam was featured on the cooking show "Le Goût des Rencontres" on France 3, where we shared our homemade recipe live. Its subtle taste and perfect marriage between sweet strawberry and liquorice extract - anise make it an unforgettable taste experience. Add this delight to your basket now and enjoy it or give it as a gift to a loved one who loves original flavours.

Unique flavor: The juicy strawberry associated with the subtle note of liquorice - anise creates a harmonious blend, balanced between sweetness and slight acidity, for an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

Quality ingredients: We carefully select ripe strawberries, grown locally, as well as fine sugar and liquorice extract - authentic anise, for a jam with natural and authentic flavors.

Handcrafted: Each jar of jam is prepared by hand in our small workshop, respecting traditional slow cooking methods, to preserve the aromas and benefits of the ingredients.

No preservatives or artificial additives: Our liquorice strawberry jam is made without the addition of preservatives or artificial additives, in order to offer you a healthy and natural product, ideal for lovers of authentic jams.

Culinary versatility: This tasty jam is perfect on a piece of fresh bread, can be added to yoghurts, pancakes or even used in the preparation of creative desserts. Let your culinary imagination run wild!

confiture fraise réglisse anis

Ingredients: Strawberry, sugar, liquorice extract - anise, lemon juice, pectin.

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