Earl Grey tea jelly
  • Earl Grey tea jelly

Jelly of tea with real gold flakes


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The confit of tea with real gold flakes prepared in a copper cauldron can be used as a jam, but not only ...


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This prestigious jelly has been made from an exceptional Russian Earl Gray tea that we have selected for its "flowery" character to enhance your tables and festive meals or simply improve everyday life.

 Food gold is a trace element that has been used since the dawn of time in my Chinese medicine.  It is also found in pharmacies in solutions to boost the immune system, but that is not our concern: here, it is only there for the pleasure of the eyes.

 On a brioche or a toast, it is a cloud of finesse that will appeal to the most demanding.  Gold flakes can also have their effect in a champagne flute: just put a spoonful of confit in the bottom of the flute, add a few drops of champagne and stir well to break the jelly then finish filling and admiring  the effect!

 Pastry chefs love to use it to coat a pie, hot or cold, the sprinkles embellish the apple and pear slices ... with great refinement.  It can decorate a dessert plate or a cup of ice cream wonderfully.

 An original gift idea that will surely surprise ...!

 Ingredients (per 100g): 53% Russian tea and Sobiesky E 175 liqueur, 46% sugar, lemon juice, natural gelling agent of vegetable origin.

Capacity: 220 gr

French tea jelly with gold

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